Why Get a Mommy Makeover?

13 Apr

If you have just delivered a baby, it is very likely that your physical appearance right now is not exactly what you want it to be. Perhaps you had those perfect curves before you got pregnant, and you want your post pregnancy body to be the same. However, changes will be seen in two major areas of your body. During pregnancy, you will feel the enlargement of your breast in preparation for baby's coming, and of course, your tummy will grow bigger which can stretch your skin really well. So, when the baby is delivered you have full breasts with milk, and the months that you breast feed your child will also see its slow sagging. This is especially true for moms who have given birth multiple times already.

Another area of your body that can suffer much is your midsection, the abdominal part. This expands to the full when pregnant, and suddenly contracts when the baby comes out. However, most women will notice that it does not shrink to its pre-pregnancy size and sometimes there are some fatty tissues left which gives your tummy a slight bulge. To add to this, the skin in this part of your body appears wrinkled and there are stretch marks observed around the area of the navel.

For women who are conscious of appearance, this can be troubling. Even doing regular exercises cannot help. Sagging breasts, a bulging tummy, plenty of stretch marks can make you truly depressed. The best way you can gain your pre-pregnancy body back is to have a mommy makeover. Check out wallplasticsurgery.com to know more.

In mommy makeover, the plastic surgeon usually concentrates on two major procedures, breast augmentation and tummy tuck. In breast augmentation, your problem of having a sagging breast is dealt with. In this procedure the plastic surgeon puts implants in your breasts in order to give it an enhanced and full look that is proportional to your whole physical appearance. With breast augmentation, you can solve your problem of sagging breasts.

The other procedure involved in mommy makeover is tummy tuck or a procedure called abdominoplasty. This procedure can include liposuction which removes the extra fats deposited in your body and tummy tuck, where the surgeon cuts out extra skin that your body does not need. Tummy tuck gives you a firm abdomen. What's more, all the stretch marks will be completely removed with this procedure. So you don't only have a firm abdomen, you have one that has no sign of having been pregnant, a smooth belly, in other words. For more info, don't hesitate to contact Wall Plastic Surgery.

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